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Cheshire Shutters Bramhall is the number one provider of plantation shutters in and around the Bramhall area, including Cheadle Hulme and Stockport. Our specialist in-house team covers the entire made-to-measure process. We are proud of our work – that’s why everything that we do is backed up three year guarantee.

If you are searching for the ideal upgrade to your home interiors, and if you believe that the elegant timeless style of plantation shutters could be the answer, we can help. Contact Us today to find out more about your FREE home consultation.

Bramhall Plantation Shutters – Our Bespoke Service

If you have seen different styles of plantation shutters and you are wondering which type of shutter would be best for your home, we can help to guide you towards the answers you need. Whatever size or shape of your windows, we have the ideal style of plantation shutters to suit both your home and your personal sense of interior design.

Our shutter styles:

  • Café

Café shutters do not fill the window frame all the way to the top. Instead, a gap size of your choice is left, allowing natural light into the room through the exposed upper window.

  • Full Height

Full height plantation shutters fill the entire window frame, giving complete control over light levels, heat insulation (and sound insulation), and privacy.

  • Tier on Tier

The two tier shutter system combines the ‘full height’ shutter effect when both tiers are closed, with café style shutters when the bi-fold upper tier is opened.

Special shapes – Do you have irregular windows? Whether you have oval, triangular, sunburst, or even asymmetrical windows, our experienced team can help. Remember, we offer a FREE home consultation.

Plantation Shutter Experts in Bramhall

With close to 30 listed buildings and a mixture of celebrated contemporary architecture in and around the Bramhall area, the region as a whole has a notable and enviable curb appeal. Our local team of plantation shutter experts understands the look and feel of the area, meaning we are best-placed to advise you on enhancing your home interiors with bespoke shutters.

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