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Cheshire Shutters Macclesfield offers a huge range of exquisite plantation shutters. Whether you are currently remodelling your home, or whether you simply wish to add a splash of timeless elegance that effortlessly complements your décor, we can help. Contact Us today to discuss how we could assist you turning your interior design ideas into something truly spectacular.

Our celebrated plantation shutter services are available throughout Macclesfield and all surrounding areas, including Prestbury and Bramhall. We take immense pride in our work, which is why all of our products come with a three year guarantee.

Macclesfield Plantation Shutters – Shapes & Styles

Our bespoke service caters to all window shapes of any size. Our expert team at Macclesfield Plantation Shutters is best-placed to answer all of your questions on how your home could benefit from the increased security and added heat and sound insulation that comes with professionally fitted plantation shutters. Take a look at the styles available.

We fit to any size or shape window:

  • Café style shutters

Cover up lower panes and leave upper panes exposed for a stylish look that both lets in natural light and delivers added security and privacy.  

  • Full height shutters

Full height shutters give you total control over light levels and ambiance. Create cosy closed in winters or an open summertime feel with ease.

  • Tier on tier shutters

If you like the idea of having the option of full height shutters but you think that you might also enjoy the versatility of exposed upper panes in the Café style, tier on tier shutters are the answer. The bi-fold upper tier may be opened independently of the lower tier.

Special Shape Windows – We also offer made-to-measure bespoke designs to suit special window shapes. For example, this could include circular windows, triangular windows, and asymmetrical windows. Speak to us today to discover how we could help you to install plantation shutters of any shape or size. Remember, we offer a FREE home consultation.

Plantation Shutters Macclesfield – Your Local Experts

With over 200 listed buildings nestled within plentiful stunning new build architecture, Macclesfield can boast a highly enviable curb appeal. We understand that you take pride in where you live. That’s why we strive to deliver beautifully crafted plantation shutters that add character and elegance to your home.

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