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Cheshire Shutters Northwich supplies and installs beautifully crafted plantation shutters. Whatever your current home décor – or whether you’re planning an interior design upgrade – let us help you to discover how our standout range of shutters can add a timeless sense of style to your home. Contact Us today and ask about your FREE home consultation.

We operate throughout Northwich and all surrounding areas, including Winsford and Knutsford. Our celebrated local reputation is built on long lasting quality results. That’s why our products come with a three year guarantee.

Our Northwich Plantation Shutter Styles

Our plantation shutters come in a range of designs to suit both your taste and the shape of your windows. Whichever design you choose, your home will benefit from increased security, better sound and thermal insulation, and an elegant look that adds an instant boost to the visual appeal of your property.

Our designs include:

  • Café

Where a window frame houses lower panes and upper panes, Café style shutters may be used to cover the lower panes only. This allows for excellent levels of privacy while letting natural light enter the room through the upper panes.

  • Full Height

Full height shutters are measured and fitted to the exact dimensions of the window frame, offering substantial control over both privacy (especially at ground level) and natural light levels. Full height shutters are also excellent insulators.

  • Tier on Tier

Also known as ‘double hung’ shutters, the tier on tier design offers all the advantages of full height shutters with the option to open the upper tier independently of the lower tier. This design is perfect for creating both cosy winters and airy summers.

  • Special Shapes

Special shaped windows include (but are not limited to) arched, oval, sunburst, and triangular windows (as well as asymmetrical frames). If you have special shaped windows, speak to us today about arranging your FREE home consultation.

Northwich Plantation Shutters – Choose Any Colour

All of our products come in your choice of colour. We offer a wide colour palette of 28 paints and 20 stains. Our 6 coat finish ensures a high quality and long lasting finish to your shutters. We also provide a final layer of anti-UV protection, which offers superb resistance to the potential long term colour-fade effects of direct sunlight.

Plantation Shutter Experts in Northwich

Northwich boasts an enviable mixture of historical and modern architectural designs. Our local experts understand that residents enjoy the outstanding visual appeal of Northwich – that is why we always work diligently to ensure the highest quality look and feel to all our of plantation shutters. Speak to the local experts now to find out how our shutters could beautifully complement your home.

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