Cheshire Shutters – Plantation Shutters in Prestbury

Cheshire Shutters Prestbury offers an extensive range of exquisite plantation shutters. If you are currently redecorating your home, or if you simply wish to enhance the look and feel of your home interiors, Contact Us today to discuss your FREE home visit. We’ll show you how the elegant clean lines of plantation shutters can enhance the ambiance of your home.

Our longstanding reputation for excellence has been built on delivering exceptional results  throughout the Prestbury area, including neighbouring Macclesfield and Bramhall. We backup our professional service with a three year guarantee on all of our products.

Prestbury Plantation Shutters – Our Styles

We offer a personalised service that caters for any window of any size or shape. Plantation Shutters Prestbury can help you to enhance the eye-catching appeal of your home and increase security and insulation no matter the shape or size of the window. We will craft each of your bespoke shutters for a natural made-to-measure look.

Plantation shutters to match any window:

  • Café shutters

Café shutters do not fill the full length of the window frame, allowing for an exposed upper window area. Ideal for privacy control (particularly at ground level) and for letting in natural light.

  • Full height

Full height shutters fill the entire window frame, giving you maximum control over not just natural lighting levels, but also giving you control over privacy and sound/heat insulation.

  • Tier on tier style shutters

Tier on tier shutters (also sometimes called ‘double hung’ shutters) offer the best of both worlds between café style and full height shutters. Simply open the bi-fold upper tier to allow natural light into the room while the lower shutters remain closed.

  • Special Shapes

If you have ‘special shape’ windows (including oval, triangular, and asymmetrical windows), we can help – remember, we offer a FREE home consultation.

Plantation Shutters – Experts in Prestbury

Prestbury is home to over 50 listed buildings, set in amongst a plentiful array of stunning new build contemporary houses. We understand that residents appreciate the noteworthy character of the village – that is why we always go the extra mile in ensuring that your made-to-measure plantation shutters are crafted and installed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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