Cheshire Shutters – Prices

We are always happy to visit and quote an exact price but please use the guide below to give an indication:

Simply measure the width of the window, multiply it by the height, choose the shutter range and you can calculate the price.


Antigua £240

per sq. metre

Bermuda £275

per sq. metre


per sq. metre


per sq. metre

Java £355

per sq. metre


per sq. metre


Fitting charge £25 per sq. metre

Additional Options

Hidden Control Rod+10%

Stainless Steel Hardware+7.5%

Special Shapes

Calculate sq. metre rate on maximum dimensions and add £425 (approximate guide only)

All prices include VAT.
The above prices are for guidance purposes only and may vary owing to market conditions outside of our control (individual installations may also be considered on a per job basis where appropriate).