Cheshire Shutters – Plantation Shutters in Withington

Cheshire Shutters Withington provides a dedicated plantation shutter service in and around the Withington area, including neighbouring Wilmslow and Whalley Range. If you are currently planning a complete décor overhaul, or whether you’re simply looking to add a timeless sense of taste and style to your existing home interiors, we can help. Remember, our shutters come with a three year guarantee.

Contact Us today and ask about your FREE home consultation. We take great pride in our work and we always offer a free home visit to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Our expert members of staff will answer all of your questions, giving you peace of mind.

Withington Plantation Shutters – Our Shutter Range

When you decide to update your home interiors with the timeless and effortlessly tasteful look of plantation shutters, you’re going to want to see options. Withington Plantation Shutters offers a complete range of shutters to suit all styles and all budgets. From the clean and smart look of affordable waterproof polymer coated shutters, to the rich and beautiful grain effect of our hardwood range, you’re sure to find everything you need.

More about our shutters:

  • Made with care

Withington Plantation Shutters has the years of experience you need to guarantee a great product. Our meticulous construction methods ensure 100% satisfaction.

  • Finest materials

Our materials are chosen with eco-friendly considerations in mind. We prevent warping and bending by using special methods of treating and storing the high quality wood.

  • Finished to your specifications

We give you the choice of offset, centred, or hidden tilt rods. Choose hinges to match your home colour palette. Select thinner or wider shutter panels.

Plantation Shutters Withington – Special Shaped Window Service

Does your home contain rounded or triangular windows? What about asymmetric angled or arched window frames? Plantation Shutters Withington can help. Whatever size or shape window, our specialist team of experienced professionals can get the job done. Contact us today and ask about your free home consultation – we’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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